Tool Kit

The Liar’s Tool Bag is a set of  low-cost tools and materials which allow people to deceive the sensors in common devices such as smart phones. The contents could be customised for particular contexts, but can include:

  • Camera Stickers can be placed over cameras, proximity sensors, or light sensors on devices to block visibility
  • Microphone Disablers are designed for iPhones and Mac laptops. A headphone plug with only a resistor attached. Disables the internal microphone by making the device think it has an external microphone attached
  • Phone Rockers are simple cardboard shapes which a phone can be inserted into. The device can then easily be rocked to simulate walking
  • Magnets can be used to disable or disorientate the magnetometers, or compass, on devices

  • Sealable Plastic Bag is used to contain the other tools. But it can also be used to deceive the barometer on phones, and give a false altitude reading, if the phone is sealed in with some air and squeezed gently.